IFTTT Authorization Not Showing All Devices

I have an interesting (probably not the most ideal) setup that stopped working about a week or two ago.

I have some automated roller blackout shades connected to a Bond Hub. I’ve connected the Bond Hub to SmartThings. And I connected SmartThings to IFTTT to run some applets to automatically open and close my shades on various triggers.

The automations stopped working, and I believe the issue can be fixed by me re-authorizing IFTTT with SmartThings. However, when I got to authorize devices, not all of my devices are being displayed, specifically my blackout shades.

I can see the number of devices in the location is correct. But I just don’t see the shades anymore:

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I can still roll the shades up and down via the SmartThings app, so that integration still works. I’m not quite sure what could’ve happened to break the integration, since it was working just fine a few weeks ago!

I’ve been pulling out my hair trying to figure out what’s going on. And I think if I can just re-authorize the device, it’ll all work again. But I just can’t figure out why the device doesn’t show up in the authorization screen!

Thanks in advance!

What does the roller shade look like in SmartThings - a simple on/off switch, the window shade capability, or some combination? I don’t see the Window Shade capability on that authorization page, so if that’s how the device appears in ST then that could be the problem unless it also has the Switch capability attached.

Regardless of the cause, a workaround would be to create a virtual switch (which IFTTT should see in the Switches category), and then use ST automations to link the virtual switch to your roller shade.


It does show the window shade capability. But functionally, it can only open and close them fully. I wonder if there’s a way to get the Window Shade capability to show on the authorization page.

But either way, I took your suggestion and created a simulated switch. And was able to authorize it with IFTTT. I’m pretty sure everything is in working order (my IFTTT triggers will go off tomorrow so I’ll know for sure then.)

Thanks for your help philh30!!

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The SmartApp (IFTTT) declares which capabilities it supports. IFTTT would have to change its integration for that to happen. If they supported the windowShade capability then that would certainly be the best solution, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

@blueyetisoftware has an alternative integration for the Bond bridge. I don’t know whether it supports shades yet though, or if it includes a capability (most likely Switch) that would work with IFTTT. Simply adding the Switch capability to a window shade driver might not be a good solution, as other third party integrations like Alexa/Google might be confused if both capabilities show up on a device.

Yes. It supports shades. I’ll try to link it later on unless someone beats me to it

Sorry for the delay. I just posted the Edge Driver here. It supports shades with/without position control. It utilizes both windowShade and windowShadeLevel capabilities depending on its features.

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