IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

All, which thermostats will work with smart things in the UK, or will they not work until oAuth is fixed? Thanks.

I have my Nest working with SmartThings, although considering how well “automated” it already is and how good it is at doing it’s own thing, I can’t for the life of me think of anything useful to do with it… for now :smile:

Search up top for Nest and you will find the guides on how to add it as a device type - works OK for me, although I’ve found its not great at keeping in sync and i have to refresh it in the app (but that may be a platform thing or i may be using an outdated bit of code for the device type. Due to the above, I’ve not invested much time in figuring it out yet!)



Another UK user on the TheInsiders.eu SmartThings trial. I was fully prepared to go out and spread the word on ST integration but that’s not going to happen until I can actually integrate my Wemo Insight switches, LIFX bulbs and (when the new one is released in the UK) Nest thermostat… Still waiting.


There’s going to be a new thermostat released by Nest?

There was a new model released in the US so I assume eventually.

Some engineering changes you won’t notice much but will provide some long-term improvements, and a bigger display so you can see the numbers better from across the room.

Also more use of a feature where it will recognize if a change seems wildly variant from the usual pattern.

I just had a look. I can’t see that new hardware was released but note new software was released in July 15.

heres the new one with bigger screen


Im hanging off buying my first Nest & some Protects on the back of seeing v3 launched in the USA. Really wish it would be announced for the UK market already as now is the time of year a Nest would be really bloody useful lol.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a UK release. From what I’ve read, the firmware is the same it’s just got a larger display & supports 5GHz Wi-Fi. Any firmware updates should generally get sent to V2 devices too.

Its the 5GHz wifi and larger screen im hanging in for… I am working towards killing my 2.4GHz network off at the earliest opportunity, investing into Nest kit now that is unlikely to swapped out for a few years would hamper this :confused: Not a deal breaker (and definitely a first world problem) but would be a real frustration if the V3 did come out in the next month or two. I guess when OAuth is fixed (and i get SmartTiles / SharpTools etc) i may just jump as it would be easier to get value from the V2

And yes i am aware the protect is 2.4 :confused:

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alex@smartthings.com - the CEO who was kind enough to give me his email address on Twitter when I hijacked their marketing… He hasn’t acknowledged my email, so may appreciate a few more users dropping him a line :wink:


Hi there, I’m also trying to connect and not getting anywhere. Are there any updates on this that anyone knows of?

Guys. Can we keep this thread clean, or ST may think we forgot about the problem. BTW how’s fixin’ going?

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Guess you just joined… the latest info , such that it is, is all on this forum if you have a look around. I don’t think SmartThings will think we forgot !!

I regard this thread as pretty much the OAuth topic - and therefore any temporary workarounds seem pretty much on topic. The fact that it’s titled IFTTT was just the first of many things that are broken without OAuth. SmartTiles, LIFX etc. I hope people find the content useful in that context. However separate threads on workarounds could be created and linked from here if the moderators prefer, which might be tidier ?

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Discussion of individual device types or other workarounds should be given their own thread with a post placed here linking over to it. Code discussions and troubleshooting can then be referred to that thread.

One of the best things about SmartThings is that it is not limited to a kit of fixed devices. With the exception of the hub, everyone has different set ups. So to keep the forums easy to use for everyone and interesting, anything on a detailed level which is device or model specific needs to go into its own thread. Not only does it keep this thread cleaner, it makes it much easier for people coming in new to the category to find those specific device types and workarounds.

The people working on a workaround for Netatmo for the UK have been doing this very successfully, for example:

Thank you for your help in this regard.

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Hey guys,

We are close. I am sorry that we have been quiet on this but I am going to provide you guys with insight as soon as I have something more to share. It shouldn’t be to much longer.

I am writing the documentation as we speak :wink:


Thanks for the update @slagle - sure would be nice to actually get this working soon!


Thanks Tim, it’s appreciated. When we say close, are we talking “oh, I can see the port over there” close, or are we talking “Yep, we’ve just got to get past Greenland on our rowing boat, at least we’re nearer the UK than America now”

Alex was expecting it next week… That was a week and a half ago… I hope Alex isn’t getting too stroppy with the development team…

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