UK Developer IDE Site Authentication / Redirect Issues


There seems to be a bug in the developer site in terms of authentication and site redirects. When I go to I login.

This takes me to:

I then went to create a smartapp; but find my locations aren’t showing.

So I click on locations and it asks me to login again; now redirecting me to:

Now when in here I can develop properly; but I lost the SmartApps that I started to write using the first API site.

The site seems to not be recoded correctly to handle the UK development IDE site and redirect me to the right site in the first place.

I’ve just raised a ticket, but posting here for peoples awareness.


Here’s the answer I got back from support; wasn’t really the answer I was looking for and again illustrates that this system isn’t really properly designed to support the UK:

When you setup a SmartThings Hub, the account you create is shared across the US and UK server this so if you’re a global jet setter you can setup multiple hubs in multiple locations.

Each server has its own unique address. this is the US Link this is the UK link.

Your Hub location and server that it communicates with is directly controlled via the place of original purchase. Unfortunately the Americans are in charge of this and it favours the US shard through that link. What happens is when you select location it discovers your hub is not a US hub and asks you to log back in on the correct server.

Best thing to do would be to just copy paste the eu01 link into a browser and do all your work from there.

Whilst I appreciate what the workaround is, for a production based system to consumers this isn’t very friendly. By the time someone has even realised they are on the wrong server, they could have setup multiple configurations; and then suddenly they get asked to login again…

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You didn’t lose them. They are still available if you log into the site where you created them, but there is no copy / sync… You have to cut / paste.

You’re right; I meant it’s a pain to go and have to re-create everything. Essentially the majority of UK developers will start from the main Developer site, start configuring / writing and then discover this issue; get frustrated and either figure out to there is a separate site or just give up on their adventure to learn how to code SmartThings.

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Is there a programatic example of how a smartapp choses the proper URL for end points when doing oauth or http smartapps?

Determining where hub is
Determining which URL to use
automatically updating as Smartthings changes URLs