IFTTT and Honeywell Total Comfort Connect (disconnects)

Is anyone else having issues with IFTTT and Honeywell Total Comfort Connect? It disconnects from IFTTT, I reconnect it and a short time later TCC disconnects again.

I wish ST would recognize the “resume” command for the Honeywell thermostat. I have only one thing in IFTTT and that’s to issue a “resume” command.

I used to do things with IFTTT in Honeywell. I forgot that I even had that integration until I was reminded by ifttt yesterday to do fix it.

I use webCoRE to send the resume program command since ST doesn’t have it.

Thanks for the reply @eric182 . Now I know that’s it not on my end.

The new rule engine in Sharp Tools , www.sharptools.io, will also execute the “resume program” option on the Honeywell.

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