IFTTT adds support for 25 new services, removes Wink and 13 other platforms


Wink is trying hard to drive away their remaining customers.

A couple of interesting additions.

the PC automation program TRIGGERcmd

Some community members have done projects with this in the past, so I’m not sure Ifttt was necessary since I think it can produce its own web hooks. But still interesting.


This is a very expensive micro location system. Note that you have to have at least two of their sensors for each space, Although they can overlap, so two might cover two rooms. Anyway, it’s an interesting idea, based on making one person’s phone the “master“ for any space so that their preferences override anybody else’s preferences as people come in and out of the spaces. Patented. Costs work out to around $100 per sensor. Reviews at Amazon have always been good but only a few people. And you have to be carrying your phone with you all the time.

I’ve been watching these guys for a while and I’m intrigued, but not enough to buy a system yet.

One use case where I could see this being immediately useful is if you have a family member who is a wanderer but is also willing to wear a specific smart watch model. It might well be worth the cost to know that that person had, for example, gone downstairs at a specific time of day. But a little tricky and you would probably need two watches so you could swap them when one needed a charge.

Currently, only Samsung smart watches running Tizen OS v4.0 and up are supported.

Link my pet

This is a GPS pet tracker, similar to Whistle, but with an AKC partnership. Battery life is not as good as the whistle, and it doesn’t have a flashlight feature (good for finding a lost dog at night), and the design is a full collar rather than an attachable collar tag. But otherwise the two are fairly similar with fairly similar features. Both already send push notifications, but the Ifttt integration is new. We’ll see how popular that feature is.


As far as services being removed, the article rightly calls out wink, but oddly in the full text doesn’t even mention smart life, which actually has more users globally.

They also don’t mention that several of the services being removed are still very active products, but don’t want to pay the increase in Ifttt charges.