If garage light ON for 10 minutes, turn it off - Simple but impossible on Smartthings app?

I am trying to implement this simple automation in Smartthings and it seems impossible.
If I use the garage light as a triggering event, it does not show up in actions to do.
There is no “elapsed” time trigger I can use except time of day to avoid using the garage light
as a triggering event.
Any one found a better way of doing this?

I know I can say IF garage door closed THEN turn off garage lights after 10 minutes.
But I want the light to turn off by itself based on how long it has been left on
in case the garage door is intentionally left open OR garage door sensor is broken.

Any help or advice welcome.


Use the official SmartLighting feature, set up an automation to turn the light off, and then choose the “power allowance“ option and you can set how many minutes you want the time to be on for.

If you don’t want it to always turn itself off after 10 minutes, you have to create a virtual timer and use power allowance with the virtual timer instead of the real switch.

The following how to article tells you how to do it with the old app, but the concepts are the same for the new one even though the screens will look a little different.


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Excellent! Thanks for a quick pointer.
The article seems comprehensive enough that I think will solve my problem.


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We often say smartthings is very powerful, but not very discoverable. :wink:

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By the way, I installed the Smart Lighting SmartApp and set Power Allowance to turn off garage light after 10 minutes.
Nothing seems to be happening.
The light is still on and not getting turned off.
Anything in particular to do to make sure the feature automation is indeed activated?


@JDRoberts, Never mind …
It is working now.
I guess it takes a while for their cloud to sink.
Not sure I like this cloud based automations.
The server seems to disappear intermittently :frowning: