Identifying Devices in the Third-Party Device Cloud

Hi everyone,

i tried to build a device type in the 3rd party cloud.

i have read below doc:

but seems like it is not clear to me…

question is:
how do i discover device from 3rd party cloud?
and how it is link into your device type?
then lastly… how to control it?

anyone have experience build this before?
please advise :smile:
thank you,

Depends on the device and what sort of API/discovery mechanism it supports. Some devices can be discovered, some have to be specifically pointed to via IP or URL.

Can you give more specifics on the device you want to connect

There are some examples in the SmartThings github repo

Take a look at the WeMo connect smart app and the device type. Also check out smart weather tile

Hi @kevintierney,

Thanks for your reply,

So actually there is no physical device…
What in try to build is a ‘virtual device’ that actually taking value from an xml feed in the cloud.

For example: a virtual device that actually listening to weather online feed / temperature…

I would like to build this as a device (not smart app) so i can put the value in tile and in the future i can relate this with smart app and other sensors (e.g if temperature > 36c turn on air con and close window)

So my understanding is i have to build a smartapp (comnect) to discover the virtual device and i need to build a device type as well, but i cant see how the smartapp (connect) relate with my device type.

Any idea?


The smartapp manages the connection,pulls the data, and creates the device .The device type handles the user interface (display and commands)

Take a look at the netatmo device. Even though there is a physical device, it interacts via an API


Device Type:


Thank you @kevintierney!

your sample is awesome, i’ve done my first smartapp (connect) :smile:


Glad to hear it worked for you. The ST github repo is a great way to learn how it’s done and find code to re-use