Connecting service managers, device types and smart apps

I’ve read lots of documentation and sample code, and I know I need a service manager and a device type if I want to integrate a cloud connected device.
However, I couldn’t yet figure out how to specify which service manager the device type connects to, and which device type is used by the smart app.

Please update the online documentation with more details in this area.

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Meanwhile there are some excellent community created service managers and device types you can study on the board.

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You mean create from template? I did that but still can’t see how to connect devices and smart apps.

The Docs claim that the Ecobee Thermostat is a good example.

If you page through the various published Device Types in the SmartThings.public GitHub, you’re bound to find a simpler example that you can just walk through line by line…

I’ll try to suggest one, but you may enjoy seeing what’s there.

For others who are also confused by the gaps in documentation:
The device type is set in Smart App as second parameter of addChildDevice.

This means that a Smart App can control child devices of different types.

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