Ideas for turning on my Honeywell Air Purifier

I have the same feeling that it will require a lot of trial and error. And I have the feeling that you are right about removing the tip might be necessary, but it has to be trialed.

Or maybe it is easier to go for a smart model or with a remote option…

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@JDRoberts @GSzabados
Yes, I’m sure it will take some trial and error. I suppose the worst that can happen by leaving the foil on the switch is I will destroy the air purifiers switch. Then I’ll take GS suggestion and buy a smart model. I see Samsung makes one that is controllable with the Smartthings app. But it does cost twice what the Honeywells do.
I’m going to put this project on hold for a bit while I finish the skiing season. I’ll report back what happens later. Thanks again for your help.


If you want a cheaper, go with a Xiaomi one, but unfortunately you will need a RPi for the integration for the Mi Connector setup. There is a topic about it.

Philips produces as well smart models, they are quite decent, and more expensive. I have one with a humidifier and purifier, my wife insisted on that. It worth the investment. For integration, you again need a RPi again a way to feed some data to ST, there is a nice CLI for it called py-air-control. To call commands on the CLI, I believe there is a solution for that under the ST Anything umbrella.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been relying on Consumer Reports testing of air purifiers. The Honeywell units get high scores and are reasonably priced. It is amazing that some very expensive models like Molekule get terrible ratings. I don’t believe they tested Mi or Phillips.

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I read the same as well, but without a remote option, and the capacitive buttons, it stops there. Actually I read the air cleaning capability was one of the best. And I understand the point. I have read a post where someone mentioned that it was in the 200-300 USD range which makes it a no brained.