Ideas for hackathon?

Any one have any fun ideas that I could try to build for the Baltimore Hackathon this weekend? The theme is wearables, so I’ve been trying to think of something cool that could connect with SmartThings, but I have been drawing a big blank.

There’s a good use for my v1 hub… take it to a hackathon and play! :smile:

Doesn’t your SmartRules app have Apple Watch integration - is there something clever you could do there? Or is there something you could do with your BeaconThings app - maybe even extending the base code to accept BT LE data from wearables as a PoC and then pushing that to ST to trigger other events?

From the Baltimore Hackathon site:

  • Blending technology components with products people wear on clothes or their body
  • Examples: Fitness/health, fashion, & productivity
  • Judge: UA Rep, George Hanson
  • Prize: $3000 Team and $1000 Individual

I’m sure there will be a number of people doing things with the Arduino Gemma or similar wearable platforms. I’ve always found wearables interesting, so I’m curious to see what you come up with!

Good ideas, but I’d prefer to not do anything with our existing apps since I’ll be on a team and it could be a pain to figure out who gets paid what. But I’ll definitely plan on building from these to try to come up with something good.

I’m guessing there’s no way to re-setup my old hub without support giving me a new welcome code? I wonder if I’ll be able to get anyone over the weekend? Anyone know if there is an alternative?