Anyone excited for Google I/O?

Google I/O tomorrow. Heres to the rumored google nearby (Google’s answer to homekit) and AndroidWear wearable devices.

All things I want to see SmartThings do something with.

Will the STs team have people there?


I’m looking forward to seeing more about Android Wear.

I’m also looking forward to more Android Wear demos and hopefully from concrete details from some of the manufacturers (looking at you Motorola).

It will be interesting to see if Google does have something similiar to Apple’s HomeKit or if the ‘Works with Nest’ announcement was supposed to fill that void. Clearly the Nest API wasn’t big enough to make any of the I/O announcements or they would have waited to reveal it until today.

Supposedly they are going to show off the next version of Android so that is always interesting to see the directions Google will be taking moving forward.

Agreed! I hope they do more with the works with nest stuff. Im thinking that they released that in preparation for the Google Nearby release.

1.5 hours until we know :smile:

Yes we have 2 of our Android developers there this week.

I kinda felt the Dropcam announcement was going to be the big I/O news but it seemed they could not contain THAT story. Any news on Google Nearby now?

No news on the google HA stuff. I really hope “works with nest” isn’t their answer…

IFTTT is their answer. Surprised they didn’t buy them too :slight_smile:

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