Ideas as to why power strip keeps shutting off?

I have a globe smart power strip underneath my fish tank, the only automation set to it, is to shut off when the water leak sensor gets wet. Twice now over the last two days the whole power strip shuts off. The water leak sensor is not wet, and last night it went off at 5:18 am well everyone was sleeping so nobody could have even said anything that Alexa might have misunderstood. Does and anyone have any ideas as to why this keeps happening or how to stop it from happening

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Is the battery in the water leak sensor low? I had a temp sensor turn my fireplace on the other day incorrectly. The battery totally died shortly after, and when replaced all was fine

If the water leak sensor is plugged in, any power outages lately that could have messed it up? It could have been affected by a power surge as well.

Also, unfortunately “ghost” autimations fur no explanation have also been known to happen.

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It’s not a water leak sensor - it’s a wall switch (connected to power, not battery).

Hasn’t happened since, I’m not freaking, but boy am I curious.

Most probably due to the recent instability in the Smartthings back end, your globe smartstrip i assume is connected through cloud integration, if there was a break in the cloud connection, when the connection re established anything can happen, it switches on, off, fails to re connect, reconnects but is out of sync with ST

ST should never be allowed to run anything critical, its not a critism just fact, it is too unstable to be relied upon

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The recent platform instability could certainly have been a factor.

Separately, you didn’t say which model it is, but if it has a built-in surge protector, the power strip will shut itself off if there is a surge on the line. Different things can cause that, one of the classics was somebody plugging in a hairdryer to the same circuit, so it is something to be aware of.

Also make sure you haven’t overloaded the strip, as I recall, that brand has a pretty low level for surge protection. For example, a pump might be too much for it.

If you really want to investigate it, the first thing I would do is delete or disable the automation all together and then let it run for a week and see if it shuts itself off again. If it does, it’s probably either the circuit or the device or the device itself. :thinking: