Idea?: On Pantry door open, Sound Alarm! (When no one is home!)

(Darryl) #1

Hey everyone,

So my dog has learned to open bi-fold doors… meaning, she can get into my pantry. Anyone have an app that can sound my siren (mounted above the door) for 5-10 sec if the doors open, and no one is home? She only does it when we are gone, and that siren is loud as heck. Sounds to me like a great way to stop a dog from bad behavior!

Thoughts? Eventually I could see this kind of action on other things like, the trash can… she loves to get into the trash…


@darrylb, no need for an app cause it’s built in to ST’s Damage & Danger Dashboard:

Go into Damage & Danger
Tap the gear in the upper right
Scroll all the way down to Unwanted Access to Valuables or Dangerous Items and tap on it
Type a name - like My Dog is Eating My Food
Tap Next
Tap Alert when opened
Select your open/close sensor, alarms, and what ever options you want
Tap Done

That’s it! Now set up a camera to video the event!

(Darryl) #3

Hmm. My Damage and Danger is not showing. I will have to reach out to support. Weird.

Thanks for the help!

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Once you add the smartapp, the dash will show up…


@darrylb, ok that’s not a problem either. There is no smartapp to add, instead do this:

From the Dashboard, tap the large + at the very bottom as if you were adding a new device, except swipe over to Alerts.

Tap on Dangerous Items, and then you’ll find Monitor for open/closed of dangerous items. Start there and it will create Damage and Danger.

(Ron S) #6

SmartThings versus Smart Dog! Please do let us know who won! :wink:

(Darryl) #7

Yep, I will. Big thing now, is to figure out how to re-arm it. I may need to switch from a door sensor to a vibration sensor (SmartSense perhaps), so that I can monitor on vibration… Because once they open the door and get scared, they could come back an hour later, and be in. So, something for me to think about.