Rboys Apps Turns all the HW into a complete solution! (Now how do I add Sonos to SHM?)

As a newbie to the Smartthings universe I started reading and learning as much as I could.
I went out and bought sensors and put them around my house and then tried to make the system do what I desired. However the SHM and Lock management was very limited and I was disappointed. Then I came onto these forums and found Rboys and their apps are wonderful. @RBoy

I put motion sensors in the key rooms , and door sensors on all the sliders and outside doors.
Then I put a Schalge connect digital keypad on the back door.
I wanted what I considered to be a basic configuration

  1. Sense presence or myself or my wife . Have system ARM when we are both gone and Disarm when either of us arrives home.
  2. Add codes easily to back door Schlage lock , for myself, wife .
  3. WHen the back door with schalge lock is unlocked via keypad , DISARM system.
  4. Give codes to Dog sitters to use and when they come in that door it disarms system.
  5. Create a button that when pressed by dog sitter, ARMS system with a 2 minute delay.

Then the house should be totally automatic and always be in the right state. SO much better than my ADT system that needs us to arm and disarm it.

Well using Rboys apps , I was able to do all this and more !!! THey are great apps and very inexpensive. NOTE : do not look for a UI for their apps as the API’s do not allow UI, so the apps work off of the mode the hub is set to. And you set the mode using routines.

Still to figure out is how to use my SONOS systems in all rooms, to SOUND the ALARM.
I want the alarm to go off and be a super loud alarm through all the SONO’s speakers, and interject “Intruder detected, Police have been called” and then go back to the alarm.
Any suggestions how to do this with the Rboys app ?


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@maddie has responded to your post on the other thread. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying our apps. We love making em and hearing from our users!