"Smart Security" smart app, does it require a resident sensor be supplied

It doesn’t seem my door security is working (the siren does not fire when i open a door), but i realized I didn’t supply a resident motion sensor. Does this mean my system doesn’t arm itself because it has no residents to watch for.

well i got home and wanted to test this. And the siren started when i opened the same door that 2 hours earlier didnt trigger the potential intruder alarm. Does anyone know why this is doing this?

Hi @cjm3407, did you ever figure this issue out? I have same problem after device sitting for awhile. I have a strobe/Siren that activates strobe only when Sensor is open. For example in the morning when I trip Sensor, strobe won’t go of until I open and close a couple times. The Sensor shows open just won’t trigger smart security app. Let me know what you did. Thanks.