IDE virtual contact sensor initial state issue

(Ben Lake) #1

Does anyone else experience an initial state on a virtual contact sensor as being ‘null’?

If I do the following:

def someThingState = someContact.contactState

I will see a ‘null’ value until I push an update to the virtual contact to be either closed or open. So visually the default position of the virtual contact sensor (which is closed) isn’t valid. I do not see this with physical contact sensors. Is this expected behavior? I can’t imagine it is.

Second oddity is that when I select one of my physical SmartThings-Multi’s to use in the simulator, I am presented with the temperature tile and no ability to change the tile view. Is the little configuration icon supposed to work? I use ‘capability.contactSensor’ for the input capability so I’m not sure why it even bothers seeing it as a temperature device.


(Dan Lieberman) #2

@benlake – The configuration icon should work, but the target is a bit off - try clicking down and to the right of the gear, almost to the bottom right edge of the tile.