IDE Simulation - Not So Much?

(Ben Lake) #1

Is anyone else not able to simulate applications within the IDE? I have tried the sample apps, previous apps that I made that worked, hard browser refreshes, clearing browser cache, new browser profiles, in both Chrome and Firefox. The application “installs”, shows the initialization messages, but when I attempt to change the state on any of the simulated elements, it does nothing. I see no javascript error or even attempt to perform an async request.

The apps uninstall and update just fine. They simply don’t respond to any virtual device state change requests.

Am I alone?

(Bob Florian) #2

You’re not alone, Ben. There’s a problem with state changes from virtual devices that we’re looking in to. I’ll post an update when there’s a resolution or more info. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Ben Lake) #3

No worries, thanks for the confirmation I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

(Pmsmaker) #4

@Ben, I am glad to see ?Bob fess up.
(I have a ticket open and ?why the issue was not recognized by support before sending it to development I dunno)
I have been burning lots of hours on cloud and IDE issues too.
I did try a app copy and the use of my devices that worked fine.
So that may be a work-around.

(Apostlepd) #5

I am glad to know someone is working on this. I had to install an app to test it and ended up with not so great results…LOL

(Pmsmaker) #6

Just now a reply to my ticket.
Seems to be working now.

(Andrew Urman) #7

Pushed a fix for it earlier today. The more tests you can put it through, the better. Post results here.

(Pmsmaker) #8

Ok, Andrew,
A clone of ‘Text Me When I’m Not Here’ seems to work fine. I can not believe I get a text within 1-3 seconds. [Newbie]

(Ben Lake) #9

Working like a charm now, thanks!

(Andrew Urman) #10

@philsst I still giggle sometimes