Anyone able to use device IDE?

I have been unable to create or edit device files in the IDE for a couple of days now. Is anyone able to use the device IDE? I’ve put in a ticket, but this is the first time I have not gotten a response within 24 hours. :frowning:

Sorry all, we have an issue that caused the simulator for hardware to go down over the weekend. It is something that will be fixed on the next server update which should go out tomorrow.

late, but fixed!

Thanks much!

The good news is that it didn’t really effect any of my programs. My SmartApps still seemed to work okay.

The bad news is that I was having issues with some new items I’d just added to the network and I couldn’t diagnose them at all without access to the IDE. But I’m on now so I can run some tests tonight and see what’s up.

Thanks to the support team.