IDE & Groovy disappearing in 5,4,3,2

Looked at my device list on the IDE and 90% of working devices show as offline. My test hub and connected devices show as online even though the hub is not connected to anything.
Is this its last death rattle?

please clarify? hub shows connected devices but the hub is not connected to anything… is that the hub is not connected to any devices or not connected to the network either with ethernet or wifi? or am I misreading it and you meant something else.

eventually but I am not experiencing any issues in IDE that you mentioned. All mine are showing Online. Is there a pattern for the devices that show Offline - cloud devices? directly connected devices (edge drivers, groovy device handlers)?

UPDATE: saw your other post about the power outage. That would explain all your issues. Give it time to get everything back in sync.

Device health is not always updated right away.