I wish to say SMARTTHINGS is crap

I had NO issues. I had no problems with previous updates, except one. In that one occurrence, I had this very same issue. My hub will no longer connect to the ‘cloud’. Just a fast flashing blue light. The previous repair was to dump everything and rebuild all my settings. This is a joke. I shouldn’t have to go through this all over again. What kind of product is this? Is it not enough we have so many other problems. Now, I have to start all over again. This use to be something I thought was a good product.


try a soft reset… You won’t lose any devices, automations, etc.

Disconnect the power cable from the Hub (2015 / v2 hub only - remove all batteries as well) .
Make sure ethernet is connected
Using a pin or a small tool, hold down the reset button on the back of the Hub
While holding down the reset button, reconnect the power cable to the Hub
Continue holding the button for about 15 seconds
When the LED on the front starts flashing yellow, release the button

The hub will re-download the latest firmware and the Hub’s LED will go through several different colors and patterns. When it’s done, the LED will return to solid green. This can take 15-20 minutes depending on your internet speed.


Thanks jkp. I’ll give a try, like I did last time ( honestly it didn’t work then ). Unfortunately, I work in a technology job, and I don’t have a whole lot of optimism or patience. We’ll give it try.

Does your home network happen to run in a double
NAT configuration?

Yes. But, it did work itself out after about 90 minutes. All other flashes only took the usual couple of minutes. It was very frustrating, as you could tell. Thanks

Marc Schmitz