I-phone losing location

(Greg Dufour) #1

Ok I have a problem, when I’m hanging out in my basement my phone will periodically lose my location and say “greg has left home”, then it gets the signal again and says “Greg has arrived”, this cause doors to unlock and lights to turn on. I’ve band aided the problem by stopping it from happening after 10PM, but does anyone know how I can correct these false departures?


(Eric) #2
  1. Put a mobile presence fob in the car.

  2. increase the departure delay

(Greg Dufour) #3

Thanks, I’ll try increasing the departure delay, but the problem is I bike commute a lot, and take the bus so I don’t always leave with my car and the whole point of installing the automated lock was so I don’t have to carry my keys!

(Amauri Viguera) #4

No keys… gotta admire the commitment… :smile:

What happens if the batteries run out, or there’s a power or internet outage? No keys means you’re not getting in the house?

(Eric) #5
  1. another mobile presence attached to the bike under the seat, and I put one in my briefcase. They are pretty cheap. I am experimenting with the bike and briefcase myself, but it has not been reliable enough to pedal full-speed at the garage while hoping the door will open. Pretty sure I’ll make an cartoon-style “ero4444”-shaped hole.

Nope, these phones and mobile presences, are not 100% satisfying.

(Greg Dufour) #6

It seems my girlfriend’s phone only knows her location when the app is on. If she shuts the app off it does not happen. We both have iphone 5s and it does not happen with mine. Ideas?