iPhone showing as having left when it hasn't


As of yesterday, my SmartThings system keeps arming and turning off my lights because it thinks my iPhone has left the premises, when it hasn’t. This happened 3 times in the last hour while I’m sitting at home. It was working reliably prior to yesterday and I’m not aware of any changes to SmartThings or my phone. Anyone else seeing this issue or have a proposed solution? The only option I see is to manually activate and deactivate the alarm (which really takes the fun out of SmartThings). I confirmed the location services on my phone reliably thinks I’m at home. And just now when I was checking the range within SmartThings, the dot showed my present location within the radius of the circle (right where it is supposed to be)… and my lights went out because my iPhone “left”.

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My wife’s iPhone 5s just started doing this too in the last two or three days. Her presence has been flip flopping multiple times per day for no reason. Sometimes 5 times in a two minute span.

I haven’t changed anything that would make it do this I was working fine for the entire year before this.

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there could be many issues

  1. are they logged into the right account?
  2. is someone else logged into their account?
  3. check your geofence


thanks for the response!

  1. I’m not sure what you’re asking, but I only have one SmartThings account and I was logged into it on my iPhone and checked my location settings from the phone.
  2. there’s only the one account and only one person on it. (nothing about my account or environment has changed to my knowledge)
  3. I was looking at my geofence setting on my iPhone (observing that “my location” was right in the center of my geofence) while my SmartThings system turned off my lights because my iPhone left.

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is it still happening?
i would recommend contacting support

they may tell you to widen your geofence

been a ST user for 3 years and if this ever happens to me, i log out and log back in. its a rare occurence

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Logging out and back in helps most times. Widening the Geo-fence by a little bit helped a ton in our old house. Deleting the Smartthings app and re-downloading from the App store seems to help other times.


I logged out and logged back into the app on the phone and so far - so good! Thank you!