I need a better solution for outdoor illuminance

I’m considering getting a personal weather station so I can possibly get a better or more accurate measure of my outside illuminance.

I’m currently using the Weather Station Tile 2.0 but illuminance isn’t measured by anyone, it is estimated on based on the time of day and is often not accurate. I want to measure it right outside of my house.

Can anyone suggest a personal weather station that does this well? I’ve looked at a few and it doesn’t seem promising. For example, the illuminance measurement was removed from the Bloomsky SKY2.

Anyone using an indoor illuminance measurement sensor outdoors? Does it work well?


I use the ‘solarradiation’ reading from Weather Station 2.
I’ve compared this to the reading I get from a Fibaro motion sensor ‘looking’ out of a window and they do seem to follow each other.
I have found this to be very accurate.
Give it a try I’m sure you will find it works well for you. (Also save you a few quid on a weather station. :wink: )

I also use the Fibaro motion sensor (the eyeball one). It sits in an southern facing upstairs window, and I find it to be more than adequate to control my indoor lights based on what is happening outside. If clouds are moving fast enough, I can freak people out as the lights go on and off since it reports the change as large enough to matter. I get bright highs over 22K lux and 0 lux at night.

Am curious about the Weather Station 2, will need to check it out.