New App Performance & Reliability

So I have had about a week now since I manually moved all my settings from the old to the new one.

In the old all my automations (Lights to sensors / Heating to Presence etc) worked absolutely fine, now under the new app there delays with lights coming on when you enter the room, only some of the light actually come on at times, touch an go after a programmed inactivity period if the lights go out or not and I have come back twice to find the heating still running.

In addition my Aeon Plips no longer work with the individual buttons no longer recognised and a week old support request not dealt with.

Am I the only person who now thinks this platform is a shambles with the new app and quite frankly no longer fit for purpose?

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I use webCoRE for peace of mind. The New App Automation Engine is unreliable IMHO. I don’t need to go into the New App much but when I do, it’s painful. Like, it really hurts. :weary:

Samsung should be ashamed of this shambles, withdrawing the old app and leaving us with the new one in this state, I have invested a considerable amount of money and time in the system and couldn’t be more disappointed with what I have today, especially after the way the old app performed.


I’m getting delays and devices not working or updating and I’m using webcore, started yesterday and persisting today.

So maybe webcore is not the answer.

The app just feels buggy when you try and use it which bad enough, but for the automations to just as and when they feel like it is completely unacceptable.

Don’t forget your webCoRE pistons run in the SmartThings cloud, and the level of reliability that provides isn’t stellar.

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The reliability of mine gets worse by the day, sometimes the lights come on, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they go off after a inactive period, sometimes only some go off, there isn’t even a pattern to help understand what the issue is?

That is my exact concern.

I have just arrived home, with the old app as I approached (phone proximity) the front door lamp would come on, the alarm be disarmed and then the front door unlocked.

Not with the new app, no light, door locked, unlocked it with my card, stepped in and the sirens went off, had to log in to switch off the alarm, locked the front door, two minutes later it decides I am home, unlocks the door again … Samsung should be truly embarrassed by this new app !!

There was some type of change in presence detection a couple of months ago. Sorry, I don’t recall all of the relevant details. Are you using the new “placeholder” device? This has been quite precise for me.

What is a place holder device then?

It’s how a ‘new’ device integration appears in the legacy environment which only understands Groovy device handlers.