I can't access smartthings app

about 20 hour ago I can’t access smartthings app device control,scene etc. but every motion sensor and light still work with webcore

I try to restart hub and reinstall smartthings app it’s still can’t access anything


In smartthings IDE device is still online and connect

In IDE, do you have more than one location?

only one

Definitely strange! Do contact ST support and report the issue.

When you removed the app and reinstalled… did you reboot your mobile device in between?

Remove app
Reboot mobile device
Reinstall app

Doubt it would help but worth a try.

I did try everything step, I waiting response from support@smartthings.com

thank you

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Same exact issue here, except on iOS. Local scheduled executions are working. IDE says my hub is “ACTIVE”. Alexa integration is not working either.

I filed a ticket last night and they wanted me to do the whole re-login, re-install routine, which I did. It didn’t do anything and I’m still getting the spinning wheel.

Now can access smartthings but not show old location (Home)

@siamth Are you in Asia? Because the IDE url you posted in the image does not match that region.

If you login to https://account.SmartThings.com which url are you redirected to?

Same issue, just no response from the support at all.

Will update if I have something tangible.

Apps are down for 3 days now and going strong. I’m only leaving this comment in case any one of you is reading this while considering moving away from Samsung.

Yup, do it, don’t hesitate, old SmartThings reliability and flexibility is long gone and not coming back.

This is the 5th downtime for us this year lasting longer than 5h compared to zero downtime’s in the years past. Of course one could justify downtime in the name of progress, but there’s actually less features now.

Oh, did I mention that forcing people to use Samsung accounts pretty much disables the use of ST for work purposes on a private Samsung phone? Someone did I’m sure. Just not on the planning session in Samsung HQ.

Looking forward to having the ST hub play ads someway, somehow, just like Samsung TVs.

redirect to https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/

normally I use hub form america and use samsung account america but real location in bangkok everting fine until 2 day ago I can’t access my device it not show device and can’t add location, after samsung fix bug hub firmware 0.32.12 I can access app but not show old location but can add new location

i think so ,This time the system has been down for a very long time, smartthings support is not doing any help.