Smart Circuit Breaker with energy Metering

Hello Community,
first post so please be patient ;).
I haven’t found an edge driver for this kind of device:!USD!US%20%2439.77!US%20%2419.09!!!!!%40214100f416926694070114702e02b6!12000033647361952!im!!&gatewayAdapt=glo2ita

or this one!USD!US%20%2439.77!US%20%2419.09!!!!!%40214100f416926694070114702e02b6!12000033647361952!im!!&gatewayAdapt=glo2ita

Has anyone experience on one of this? (I prefer zigbee to wifi for smart home applications)…

Any similar ST compatible model is fine for my purpouse, so any suggestion more than appreciated.

Many thanks!

Not come across a smart Circuit breaker, but this device is WiFi so you may not find one. However depending on your Meter Type I got one of these for monitoring the Household energy consumption

Electricity Meter Interface - smart Zigbee meter for home electricity monitoring - frient