Fan controls keep dieing

Is there another device i can use to control a fan? Ive bought 3 fan controls and every one died. I’m connecting the same way ive connected every other switch…line-power in, load-to the fan, common neutral between everything. No wires are touching…checked using continuity on vom. The neutral and load line have no power on them. So are these things just bad? Is there something else I can use?


Does the switch work manually?

I would check both the current load on the fans and the capability of the switch.
Sounds like the load is too great for the switch if they keep blowing.
If the load is too great then you could use the switch to control relays with a heavier duty loading

No it does not work manually…I didnt get a chance to check it. The led does not light up, and I cannot pair it to the hub. How do I check the load of the fan?

It is only Connected to a fan, no lights at all, right?

The maximum load is often printed on a label on the fan
If not then I would ask the manufacturer or google for the specs
With any motor sometimes the ‘startup’ load is a lot more (often two or three times) than the normal running mode

No lights. I’ll check the load later.

Electricity use is 66 watts, 62 cubic feet per minute per watt.

If it’s rated at 66 watts and 110 v it should not be a problem assuming that’s what it’s drawing. You can put a meter to it and see if it spikes above what the switch ius rated at.

That’s the thing. If I remember correctly, the switch died as soon as I connected the load qwire, so I didn’t even get a chance to turn it on. That’s why I need to figure this out before I even connect another switch to it. Revisiting the question about the lights, the fan doesn’t have lights, but I do have lights on the sme common neutral. So the neutral comes in and splits three ways…to the light switch, to the fan switch and then continues to the ceiling where the neutral is connected between all the recessed lights and the fans neutral. The hot is independent (I’m running a 3/12 line), one for the lights and one for the fan.

Any thoughts?

Sounds like the switch is being wired incorrectly.

I found the issue…at least I think I did, I’ll know once the new switch gets here. Turns out the load wire was cut and making contact with the box. I decided to check the continuity between the wires and the box and that’s how I found out. I put a regular switch in and it’s working fine now once I changed the wires. So I ordered a new smart switch. Hopefully everything works now.

Thanks all.