Husband works shiftwork.. Best way to automatically arm Smart home monitor at night?

I am very new to ST and am trying to set up some automations. So far all I’ve been comfortable setting up was “Im Back” and “Goodbye”. I’m trying to set up my evening routine, however my husband works shift work and can return home at any point in the night. What is the best way to automatically set up so ST will turn on “armed stay” and not be alarmed when he returns?

In the Classic app, you can use a routine to set the SHM. For example, you could set the SHM to armed (stay) at a particular time or when he leaves.

You can also use a routine to set the SHM to disarm based on his arrival. Keep in mind that presence detection is spotty or not totally reliable for some, so he may need to perform a manual disarm if his presence isn’t detected soon enough. I’ve gotten in the habit of watching for the notification before entering the house.

I know you’re new to ST, so this may be outside of your comfort zone… but there are tons of folks here that are more than willing to help you out.

Do you have an Alexa device?

If yes…

Create a virtual switch in ST. Name it “Alarm”
Authorize Alexa to see it in the ST Amazon Alexa app and discover devices in the Alexa app.

Create a WebCoRE piston like this one below:

Also, ensure your husband has the Alexa app installed on his phone. If you are using Android phones you can make the “Long press of the home button” on the phone open the Alexa app. Then, when your husband comes home he can simply grab his phone, long press the home button, and say, Alexa, turn off the alarm.

Then, when he comes in the house, he can just say Alexa, turn on the alarm. You can also turn on the alarm anytime you want to just by saying it out loud.

While some may say this method isn’t secure because someone could stand at your door yelling Alexa turn off the alarm at the top of their lungs, while this might have a slight chance of success, I’m pretty sure someone else is going to hear them first.

This is but one method that I use in my system. Coupled with the method above using presence arrival and departure, you will have a pretty fail safe way of ensuring the system disarmed and armed for you.

Also, using WebCoRe and another app called Echo Speaks, you can set it up so that when the alarm arms/disarms, your Alexa will announce that the actions have been performed… so you have audible feedback of the actual performance.

i have two night time routines, “good night” - every one home full arming, and “home alone” - girlfrend on nights - only partal arming. but pressance is a good was to disarm the system, i have it turn the lights on when she arives. and can command these on my google using good night or home alone

how do you partially arm? I would love to have it set up to arm everything except our bedroom motion sensor

in the smartthome monitor you cen select sensors for arm(stay), you only have two modes arm stay and arm away