Humidity control on thermostat

I’m interested in purchasing the 2gig CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat. It allows you to program the temperature, but only displays the humidity. Would it be possible to use Smart Rules or other smartapp to have it function like a humidistat- have the A/C come on when the humidity reaches a certain level? I need that functionality here in Florida.

yes you can. I have an app running from this site name: “Auto adjusting humidifier”,
namespace: “Greffinthenerd”,

it lets me set inside humidity based on outside temp and humidity. you can also have a rule machine rule that will detect humidity in the house and adjust the thermostat to start the AC then turn it off when it hits your desired humidity level

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Perfect! Thanks Matt- I’m going to order it!

two things. Look on amazon you will find the Iris thermostat for about $78. Print that page take it to Lowes they will price match if you tell them you called customer service to verify. It is the same thermsotat as the CT100

Great. Will do! Thx again