Smart Humidifier - Respect to outside temperature?

My wife was coming down with a cold, and with chilly, dry weather coming up quickly, I was interested in using the Smart Humidifier app. Only problem is, we get lots of condensation on our windows when the temperatures get really cold and the indoor humidity is too high. Has anybody thought of making a version of this app that gets the outdoor temperature, and uses that to put an upper limit on the humidification?

Same scenario here in Northern Michigan. In fact, I am trolling smart apps looking for just this app or something I might be able to understand (I’m groovy dumb) and work from that. I have a chart that shows humidity levels from the University of Minnesota that I think has 4 or 5 temp ranges and what the insIde humidity should be to alleviate condensation (even with double pane Windows). I manually turned the humidifier on/off last year based on outside temps and inside humidity levels but have installed sensors and the outlet for this year. I now just need an app.


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i think this is a great idea.

Alright apparently posting the entire code for the app worked out poorly here. I have built an automatic adjusting humidifier app that will adjust based on outside temp. Hope you all enjoy! You can find it on github.

Automatic humidifier on github


Thank you good man!!!

Thank you. I have been using rule machine to accomplish this but am anxious to look at your app.


its working great he did a bang up job!!!

There are a couple options I would like if you are open to hearing suggestions.

  1. add mode control so I can have it not run when in away mode.
  2. I have rigged my humidifier. It was a type with a humidistat and a water level sensor. I have bypassed all of its controls but would like to wire a relay in for high and low operation. If I could select % below optimum level in the app and have it trigger the relay that would be sweet.
  3. I have hooked a open/close switch to the level sensor to alert me when it was out of water but would like to over ride and turn off the humidifier until I fill it within the app.

This app was working so well under smartthings classic. I can no longer get it to work under the new app. Does anyone know how to get this working again? Humdity based on outside temp. is a must here in Massachusetts during the cold winter months.