Huge morning routine inefficiency problem that needs to be solved

Every morning my son wakes up like 2 hours before me, which initiates the totally unnecessary procedure of me getting up, getting dressed, bringing my son downstairs to his nanny, going back up to my bed and undress then finally back to sleep.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly painful 2-3 minutes process (+ estimated 5 minutes to go back to sleep).

So I’ve finally had enough and it’s time to automate the process.

I have a SmartThings hub, Echo devices and a bunch of other automation setup and I’m looking for advice how to best/easiest solve this issue.

My ideal scenario would be a button beside the bed that I can press once he wakes up (when he’s old enough the first thing I’ll teach him is to press this button himself of course), which would initiate the following or similar sequence of events:

  1. August smart lock by staff quarters is unlocked
  2. Alexa announces to come upstairs and pick up the kid (could be Alexa voice or my voice pre-recorded, whatever works)

Any ideas how I set this up? Could I achieve this with a Flic button for example?

Suggestions would be much appreciated!

Interesting ideas. I would consider using Alexa routine so you (or your kid) could trigger it with a voice command.

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This will be easy. I would recommend using a smartthings brand button instead of the flic because it’s less expensive and works directly with smartthings. Otherwise you have to use Ifttt to connect the flic to smartthings and again, the flic costs more. (I like flic and use some myself, I just don’t think it’s the best option for this use case.)

Then you would set up automations for the following:

  1. when the ST button is pressed ( or any other device that smartthings can recognize), unlock the August lock and turn on a virtual switch/sensor that starts an Alexa routine (not a smart things routine)

  2. The Alexa routine can have any specific echo device or multiple echo devices say any specific custom phrase that you want it to say. So that’s the easiest. :sunglasses:

The community FAQ explains the exact steps you need to do to set up The virtual device.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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Oops! I should specify that the echo routine method does not work in all countries at this time. It does work in the US and the UK. I’m not sure where else yet.

Thank you for the excellent recommendations! Have went ahead and ordered a few SmartThings Buttons (can find multiple other use-cases for them too).

In the meantime though I do have one of these Philips Hue Dimmer Switches ( any chance I can somehow hack it and make a longpress on the “off” or “on” buttons trigger the August lock to unlock + Echo to make the announcement? Longshot but worth a try…

Do you also have the hue bridge? Or only the dimmer switch?

I do have the Hue Bridge as well indeed. Sorry should have mentioned

In that case… You can’t get directly to the echo, but you can unlock the August with the Hue Dimmer by using HomeKit if you happen to have an iPhone. Assuming you have the August bridge as well.

Interesting, unfortunately don’t have the HomeKit/iPhone. But I’ll try to see if there’s any way to somehow hack the hue dimmer switch to get to do what I need, while I wait for these buttons to arrive ;).

Thanks again for your ideas!

You can do it by using a Phillips hue bulb as a proxy. Have the dimmer switch turn on a specific Bulb that you don’t use for anything else. Have that bulb coming on trigger everything else you want to have happen via The same method we were discussing for the smartthings button. I know this sounds weird, but it does work. :sunglasses:

Otherwise, you can try to get the hue dimmer to work with smartthings, but most people have found it’s just not very reliable.

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Just an idea, and I do not know if this will work with an August lock. With the Schlage lock you can run different actions based on what code is used to unlock it and at what time. I use Webcore for that.
Our house does different things based on who unlocks the front door and when. This way you would not even have to press a button.


Unfortunately I’m not sure how I can use this in my scenario though :slight_smile:

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