Routines / automations on Alexa alternate to ST

ST New App has been acting inconsistent in the last 48 hours
-presence (mobile-arrival and departure) automation with doorlocks and thermostat
-automated lighting (zwave switches) sunset/sunrise

i do have Alexa echo dot running with ST and I was exploring the Alexa app and it does show Routines pertaining to Presence, sunrise/sunset settings for devices
I am thinking of setting up these routines in Alexa and deleting the automations in ST

If thats the case…and I “can” do that with Alexa…why would I need a ST hub?

Sorry for the “newbie” question and I thankyou for your replies in advance

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If you can do everything you want to with just the Alexa app, then you don’t need smartthings. I have a bunch of Alexa routines that have nothing to do with my SmartThings account.

However, while the echo routines have a lot of functionality, they definitely don’t match smartthings yet. In particular, you are pretty limited in the trigger conditions you can use. You can’t use a switch or a button to trigger routine. And the “if“ side of the routine is much less complex.

So basically, if an echo routine works for you, great. Use it. :sunglasses:

See the following for more details on the differences between the two platforms:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings


thankyou JD

I am spending ALOT of time on this community board lately and my frustrations with ST is increasing…

I dont have complex setups…
-smart light automation
-mobile presence with automations

One obvious example of a difference is that in smartthings it’s very easy to set up a “virtual three-way“ where when you turn on switch A, switch B also turns on.

You can’t do that with an echo routine at the time of this writing. The switch manufacturer might have their own app which would let you set that up if both switches were of the same brand, but it’s not an option just with the Alexa app.

( you can have a sensor trigger a switch, but not another switch.)

So it just comes down to the little details of what you’re trying to do. Again, if you can do what you want with just with an echo routine, go for it. :sunglasses:

BTW, these days I quite often recommend that people with android phones just getting into home automation, particularly wheelchair users, start with echo, Lutron Caseta switches, and a Phillips hue bridge. (If they have iPhones, I recommend starting with HomeKit and choosing devices which also work with Alexa, including Lutron Caseta Switches and a Phillips hue bridge.)

They may find that that meets all of their needs, and if it doesn’t and they go onto another platform, it’s very likely that all of the devices will still work with the new platform.

This combination is reliable, pretty intuitive, easy to use, and has excellent tech-support from all the companies involved.

It’s not the least expensive option, but for some of us reliability is more important than saving every last penny. :wink: