Hue Lights all turned green white selecting "Soft White"

Hi All

Recently, about 2 weeks ago my automation setup that i have not changed started turning my lights green instead of “Soft White”

I’m using the “smart lighting” smart app. When there is motion after sunset turn the lights on to 100% and soft white.

This has been fine for months and i havnt touched the lights or config,

now when it turns no it goes green.

I removed all smart apps, restarted the smarthings hub and the hue hub, removed all lightbulbs and added them again.
set it all up again and the same issue.

This is with 3 hue light bulbs, 2 in the living room with motion sensor, 1 in the hall with a montion sensor.

Any ideas?

Mines doing the same thing (on most of the White settings, not just Soft White). SmartThings apparently pushed a fix a few days ago but mines no different.

I’m about to open a case with ST now, but glad to know its not just me.


There was an issue with this but they pushed out a hotfix a day ago that should have corrected it

Thanks do you have a link to them acknowledging this issue and the related fix, i cant seem to find it.

Support have just mailed me and said its not yet fixed for everything - they are going to let me know once it is (hopefully).


I’ve been having the same issue. Thought i was going crazy. Mine don’t just change to green they keep going from softwhite to green and back. It doesn’t seem to be only soft white though.