Hue Tap Available!

When can we get this into STs or does it already work? :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully soon!!! I wonder if it works Out of the Box… @Ben any idea if it does? Any one else know? Pretty sure im going to pick one up!

Hue Tap Finally Reaches the US

Looks like there is a mix up… This article says they are coming next week. :frowning:

Hue tap coming next week

Gotta love shotgun journalism :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm… it is available on the apple website though…

Apple Hue Tap

I’ll go down to my local apple store later tonight and see if i can get my paws on one.

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I’ve been waiting a long time for these! I just put my order in. :slight_smile:

Makes me want to buy more bulbs. Damn the corporate machine and their propoganda! lol

I reached out to @tweethue on twitter to see if they will have IFTTT support for the Tap :smile:

I’ll let everyone know if they respond to me here :smile:

Apologies for the confusion with the articles (I’m the author, and a SmartThings user too). Philips originally told me back at the end of June that hue tap was being released early; they then got back to me with an update later on, that European sales were underway but stock issues had delayed the US release. At the time, I was told it would be a week at most.

Fast forward to today, and that week obviously stretched out some! But yes, you can finally buy hue tap online and in certain Apple Stores which have stock.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated :smile:

no biggie. THings happen :smile:

Anybody got one yet and tried it with ST?

My local Apple store is out of stock so I have to wait :frowning:

@tduffy did you get yours?

Mine should show up tomorrow. And, sadly, no matter how often I check the tracking, it seems they are still only going to deliver it tomorrow! :smile:

Ha! Ain’t that a b**ch! lol…

Definitely keep this thread updated with the results when you pair it. I’d love to see if it works out of the box. It probably a long shot but a man can dream!

So I got my Tap, and it works beautifully with my Hue lights. I have no idea yet if it will tie into ST directly… since I’m still too lazy to remove all my Hue bulbs from apps and re-include.

But in the meantime, I have gotten great approval from the ability to have an easy, instant!, switch to turn on and off the Hue lights.

Nice! Im gonna pick one up i think. May buy some more hue bulbs too :wink: haha

@tslagle13, a year has gone by and no development attempt? You must not have ordered one, or you hate it as much as I do lol