Hue Motion Sensor

I have the Philips Hue Led stripe and also the Philip motion sensor. When motions is detected it turns on and when no motions it turns off, in my case after 1 minute. So far so good.
The problem is that when the led stripe is off and the sensors detects a motion it turns up to 100% and with another color?

In the motion sensor I can hardly make any configuaration in the motion sensor at all so I’m looking for some kinde of DH where I can make my own configuaration.

For ex.When motion is detected lights up with ex 30%. When no motion detected it dim to 10%.
If I turn of the led stripe it should remember my last configuaration such as color.

Does it make any sense?

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform. All of the device handlers discussed here are written for that platform.

Do you have a Samsung SmartThings hub, and if so, which model?

Yes I have Samsung SmartThing. I bought it for 2 months ago. Sorry, I’m new at this and are looking for somkind of help to solve my problem.
I have downloaded the Hue Lights app but would like to manage it in ST instead.
The other problem I have is that I could not get the motion sensor correctly in the ST?

Please help:slight_smile:

Take a look at this thread. You will need to reset your motion sensor and pair it with your Smartthings’s hub.

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Tried to use this device in my ST and also manage to add this as a thing in the app but I can not use it? It looks more like a device for a sensor?
I also tried to configurate in the ST app but no success.
What am I doing wrong?

The Hue Motion Sensor cannot reside on your Hue Bridge and SmartThings hub at the same time. It’s one or the other.

In order for you to have it discovered and added to the SmartThings hub, you need to reset the Motion Sensor so that it goes into pairing mode. Then you can Add Thing in the ST Mobile app.

Once it has been added, you will need to follow the instructions on creating the custom Device Handler in your IDE and then once you have created / saved / published the Device Handler, you will edit the Hue Motion Sensor in IDE and assign/modify the Type to “Hue Motion Sensor” and Update it.

Your Motion Sensor should now work in SmartThings.

EDIT: Not knowing your knowledge of SmartThings, if you need assistance to get started in the right direction. You can read this thread to give you some help in creating / publishing a DH from existing code.

FYI: When logging into IDE for the first time, always use (do not use graph.api… or any other url published in anyone’s docs as things in the ST world have changed).


Thank’s a lot for the help so far. I follow the steps and I can get the DH in ST. I can also pair it with ST.
But still I can not make any configuaration at all such changing colors etc like you can do with the HUE app?
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

There is nothing to configure on the Hue Motion Sensor.

In order for you to turn on a light with a specific color when motion is detected on your Hue Motion Sensor you can do the following:

In ST mobile app:

  1. Create a Scene that turns a “bulb” on (color and brightness).
  2. Create a Routine that sets the Scene when motion is detected.

That’s all you need to do.

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