Hue motion sensor - impossible to add but shows online in IDE

I am trying to add mu Hue motion sensor to ST. I have installed the Device Handler but I am struggeling how to add the actual device. I tried generic Z-Wave (yes I know it is Zigbee, but i don’t know what else to choose), then holding the reset button on the motion sensor for 15 seconds but the ST App still never detects the sensor.
If I look in IDE I can see the Hue Motion Sensor under “My Devices”. Under Live Logging I also see that it is sending data on temperature, illuminance and movement.
In the ST App, I can see that the Hue motion sensor has appeared under “Security sensors”, but it says it is offline.
What am I doing wrong?

Dont think youre doing anything wrong. Theres lots of recent reports of all kinds of devices going offline.

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This is happening to lots of people with lots of different kinds of devices:

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Was indeed caused by a general ST problem.

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How did you solve the Hue Outdoor Sensor “Offline” issue?

Anyone got an Update to this topic? I’m struggeling with the same problem. The Motion Sensor just goes offline… and sometimes online again… and offline again…