Hue Integration extremely unreliable?

Hello. I’m relatively new to SmartThings, but I have a reasonably sized Hue collection. After some initial testing went well, I picked up a bunch of motion sensor and set about automating my lighting.

However, I’ve run into trouble with integration using the Smart Lighting SmartApp being extremely unreliable. Two examples:

I have two lights in a bedroom I want to turn off at a specific time. Pretty simple. This used to work fine, but recently I’d say it fails to work more than it’s successful. Yesterday I set four off events in 5 minute intervals to make sure they turned off and after that somehow one managed to still remain on!

In another bedroom I have four lights that turn on and off by motion sensor. Sometimes a light or two from the set fails to turn on or off. Or sometimes one has a low brightness and the others are at 100%. Or a combination of the two failures.

This was all working perfectly but now it’s borderline unusable. Any ideas what happened or what I can do to fix the issue? Both the ST Hub and Hue Bridge seem to be on the latest firmware.


the hue integration is one of the most reliable integrations I have, but only when triggering hue groups to switch on multiple lights. If you use ST to switch on multiple hue lights ST can be very unreliable. The downside is you need to use a community developed solution. I personally use Hue (Re-Connect) but there are others to choose from.

Since using hue groups I haven’tlooked back

I can see that, but this seems to be something else. In addition to the above examples, I have in my office a single light controlled by a motion sensor. In the past few weeks it often malfunctions: failing to turn on despite ST correctly detecting motion, or turning on but failing to set the correct level.

Notably, that light was my “pilot program.” I ran it for several weeks and it worked flawlessly, resulting in me decided to build out the system.

The built out system worked perfectly for a few weeks. Since then it’s been pretty awful.