Add Phillips hue bulbs without a bridge?

I’ve a number of Phillips hue bulbs in my house that I previously managed to add directly to smartthings without the need for a hue bridge. I’ve replaced two bulbs as they stopped working properly and now can’t seem to get the smartthings hub to recognise them… has something changed? Is there a solution?

I don’t want to have to buy a hue bridge…

Nothing changed. I just added one yesterday. You need to pair it close to the hub. I tried with a repeater about 20 feet away and it didn’t work until I move the bulb about 5 feet from the hub.

Edit: not sure about zigbee secure join but maybe that’s also the problem. You can disable it in IDE under hub.

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When I changed ST hubs I had to reset the bulbs before I could re-associate them to my new hub.
The only way (without a Phillips Hue Bridge) is to use a remote.

I reset my RGBW bulbs with this and was then able to add them to my hub.
There are a number of threads about this. Have a search.

EDIT: I also had to do this with a new bulb. Must have been a returned item. Who knows.


Seems odd… do you think Home Depot are selling refurbished bulbs then?

I’m in the UK.
Perhaps it was paired for testing and not reset. Don’t really know.
All I know is that I had to reset one to get it to work from new.

It’s not common for a brand-new device to have been paired with the test network at the factory. It happens. As do returns. So sometimes you get a new one and it needs to be reset to pair.