Hue dynamic/Live scenes?


So I got a ST and a philips hue, very new to ST…

In the hue app there is this Huelabs, where you can create live scenes and such, one of them is Candle effect…

Is there anyway I can get that into ST?

Welcome! :sunglasses: You can only execute the scene that you create in the hue app from within SmartThings by going through IFTTT.

Or maybe by using Alexa if you have that.

You might be able to create an equivalent effect using web core, it’s just going to depend on the exact details.

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Thank you so much for your response,

Ok so i installed webcore, how to achieve that effect, basically, there is a candle light effect that i want to activate using google home, so i need to create that effect first, any suggestions and also how to integrate it with google home?

Another question, my hub is from the UK, does the country matters when i first install the hub app, it asked for the country, i chose UK, i don’t live in the UK or the US, but i got the starter kit so it has the power outlet, will it matter if i chose US?

why im asking this because i read that github works better with US (not sure why)

which brings me to another question, if i installed github in UK, i read a few users complained it became slow, can i remove/uninstall it if it became slow?

i also understood that there are repos in github that will allow me to install pre-configured smartapps, is there the same with core or webcore?

Thank you so much in advance.

doesn’t work for me…just brings me to the main/default page