Hue,Scenes,Fade,Alexa,motion sensing integration questions?

Hue,Scenes,Fade,Alexa,motion sensing
What is the best smart things app for hue integration?
Functionality i am looking for:

  1. Motion sensor set day set color, set brightness. Night set color, set brightness. Both turn off after inactivity on motion sensor.
  2. Alexa functionality. Alexa turn on living room lights, Alexa Activate scene.
  3. Scenes, cycling through light colors.
  4. Adjust fading from scene to scene. Change speed of lights fading on/off. Smooth transitions.
    Newb here. I have motion sensing, alexa set up currently. I wish smart things had if then, else, and or enviroment instead of this cheesy interface that make my head hurt each time i try to set it up. Basically i want to jazz up the hue lights.

Thanks for your help,

Anyone have some help on this please?


This should do everything you’re looking for:

Thank you JDRoberts. I have read many threads here. Most said they can do most of what i want. But not everything. Some say you have to dtart from scratch. Which left me scratching my head whats the best approach. With limited time, working out of town. Just dont have the luxuary of trying different avenues.

Thanks again

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