Activating Philips Hue scenes from the new SmartThings app?

Is there any way to activate Philips Hue scenes that are stored on the Hue bridge? I was a very happy fan of Hue B Smart, which worked fantastic on the SmartThings App. This is obviously no longer supported on the new SmartThings platform.

This seems like such a basic feature that should be part of SmartThings. Is there a way to activate a pre-existing Philips Hue scene from within SmartThings these days? My legacy scenes from Hue B Smart still work but I am setting up a friend’s home with a brand new hub and brand new Philips Hue lights. I’ve programmed a bunch of scenes, which of course reside on the Philips Hue hub. Is there any way to simply use SmartThings to activate one of those pre-existing scenes?

Setting the scenes up again manually in SmartThings is not a realistic option, and not just because it would take forever to individually configure each light in a SmartThings scene. On the Hue hub, I have a number of scenes with very long transition periods, such as a Movie Theater scene where the lights in the home slowly dim and change color over a 45 second period. I don’t know of any way to replicate that kind of long dimming time in SmartThings.

Again, this seems like such a basic piece of functionality that should be part of the SmartThings integration with Philips Hue. Any thoughts or suggestions here? Thanks in advance!!

You can do it by using either Alexa routines (not SmartThings routines) or IFTTT as an intermediary.

In the Alexa app, choose “control scene” to see a list of all the scenes you have available as an action when you are creating an Alexa routine.


IFTTT is easier to set up Because you have more trigger options, but they now require a paid subscription for more than three rules and there may be more lag. Also, to be honest I’m not 100% sure the company is going to survive since they’ve started charging. But it would probably be the fastest way to get the functionality back.

The Alexa app is free As long as you have an Amazon account, you don’t even have to have an echo device. But there’s a more limited set of triggers, so you might have to trick it by creating a virtual sensor and smartthings, which is the part that makes it set up more work.

So it really comes down to the details of exactly what you want to use for the trigger, but both of these options will work.

At one point I think you could also trigger Hue scenes from Webcore, but to be honest, I’m not sure if that still works. Hopefully someone else will know. :sunglasses:

Any updates for this?

I would really like scenes to work in smartthings.