Hue Dimming Kit

I tried the reset on the remote but not the bulbs. Is your Lutron remote stealing the bulb from the hub or working with it? I don’t want to lose scene functionality just to have a quick on/off button.

It can steal it away from ST if you reset the bulb with the remote then pair the remote to the Hue. If you want the bulb to stay on the ST mesh, you’ll need to join the remote to ST first, then follow the bulb pairing process with the remote. (If your Hues are on the Hue Bridge, then I don’t know if this will work. Mine are directly connected to ST.) If you’re doing that and it’s still not working, then I’m not sure what’s up :confused:

We can troubleshoot that over at the other thread if needed, so as not to hijack this one:

Here’s the active discussion topic on this device:

Thanks - I knew someone had to have beaten me to it :wink:

As a renter, I would love to use something like this remote with my SmartThings setup (even though I realize it’s unlikely). Flimsy or not, it’s better than any other alternative for areas which are used by people other than myself (living room, kitchen, main hallway, etc.) because it goes right over the light switch where those people would expect to control the lights, and it doesn’t require me to do any modifications to a place that I don’t own.

Hopefully some other company takes this type of design and does something that is more universally compatible (whether Z-wave or whatever).

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Hi all,

After using IKEA Tradfi bulbs for a few months I got fed up with the IKEA dimmer (I found battery life was particularly poor) so I thought I’d try a Hue dimming kit (without a Hue bridge).

The IKEA bulb can be paired with both SmartThings and it’s own dimmer at the same time and controlled by either, so I was hoping for a similar experience with the Hue bulb as I wanted to be able to use both the dimmer and the app / Alexa.

After a couple of hours of either being able to control the bulb with either the dimmer or SmartThings but not both, I thought it would be useful to document the working setup which involves pairing the bulb and dimmer to SmartThings and then using a SmartApp to process the button presses.

This is my first experience with Hue bulbs so learnt a few things I thought would be useful to share. I’ve written most of this down from memory and not re-tested all of the pairing so hopefully the steps are in the right order.

Here goes:

Pair the Bulb

There doesn’t appear to be a special procedure to put the Hue bulbs into pairing mode as with some other bulbs although it may be that the bulbs will only pair if they arenn’t already paired with something e.g. the dimmer (see note below on resseting the bulb). With the bulb switched on, I was able to just add a device in the SmartThings app and it appeared as “Philips Hue White”.

Note: If you have problems pairing the bulb, it can be reset by pressing and holding the On and Off buttons on the dimmer for 10 secs while holding it close (< 15 cm) to the bulb as per: Login - Philips Hue Developer Program

I also found that I had to switch the bulb off and on at them mains before it would allow the dimmer to reset the bulb.

[Optional] Install Bulb Device Handler
The bulb should automatically be picked up as a “ZLL Dimmer Bulb” but I found I preferred how it dimmed with the “Improved ZLL Dimmer Bulb for Philips Hue White A19 (w/ Level Transitions)” by Michael Kelley

You can then edit your bulb in IDE and change the type to the “Improved ZLL Dimmer Bulb for Philips Hue White A19 (w/ Level Transitions)”

Install Dimmer Device Handler

Get [ALPHA] Hue Dimmer Switch (ZHA) (beta) (no hue bridge) device handler

Pair the Dimmer

Put the dimmer into pairing mode by pressing a pin into the setup button on the rear of the remote. The light on the dimmer should start flashing amber and green (from memory). In the SmartThings app, add a device.

Note 1: If when pairing the device it just shows up as a “thing” then it’s probably a newer model than in the device handler. I found that the device handler is written for the device being model “RWL020” whereas mine is a “RWL021” (you can see this under the data section of the device).
Update the model to “RWL021” on the “fingerprint profileId” line of the device handler and save and republish it.
After making the change and remove and re-pairing, the dimmer automatically appeared as a “Hue Dimmer Switch (ZHA)” (it may start working without re-pairing but I didn’t try)

Note 2: If you have problems pairing the dimmer, you can reset it by pressing into the setup button for 10 seconds until the light starts flashing quickly. It will then go into setup / pairing mode.

Install Advanced Button Controller SmartApp

To control the bulb with the dimmer, install the Advanced Button Controller SmartApp from
ABC/advanced-button-controller.groovy at master · stephack/ABC · GitHub

A basic configuration along these lines will get you going:

Button Device: Hue Dimmer Switch

Button 1
PUSHED - Turn On : Hue bulb

Button 2
PUSHED - Brightness +15 : Hue bulb

Button 3
PUSHED - Brightness -15 : Hue bulb

Button 4
PUSHED - Turn Off : Hue bulb

But you can also configure things like setting the brightness to full if you press and hold a button e.g.
Button 2
HELD - Dim to 100 : Hue bulb

Hope this helps someone out these and thanks to the creators of the SmartApps and Device Handlers used in this process!