Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

I haven’t been able to get any kind of output from this aside from attempts at reading some attributes and blindly poking at 0xFF00 and 0xFC44 (which yielded nothing but a “command succeeded” response and a lot of “unsupported cluster command/attribute”). Sending a “zcl global discover …” doesn’t return anything useful from the mfg. specific clusters. I set up binding similar to the SmartenIT, but with just endpoint 1.

It seems to me that it sees the ST hub as another controller and doesn’t bother sending on/off or level commands to it since it’s clearly not a light. It will be interesting to see how Wink integrates this; if it’s able to get responses then we should be able to as well. If I had some dev hardware or a sniffer I might be in a better position to figure this out. If I find a lot of extra time, I might try poking around with the rooted Wink hub and see if I can get anything back using the Ember CLI.

Side question: does anyone know if the ST hub will pass all received messages back to us or is it silently dropping messages that it doesn’t explicitly support? I assume that anything that it doesn’t recognize gets passed as a “catchall”, but I don’t know for sure.

Also: If there’s anyone that wants to take a serious stab at this, but can’t get the hardware… I did buy a couple and I’m willing to mail one of mine out or pick up extras from HD (although I guess it’ll be generally available after the 1st)


I went ahead and snagged one of these today betting the community breaks it open rather quickly. If not, the Wink hub is only $20.

Went to my local HD. Not on the shelves yet and they spent 10 minutes looking for them but couldn’t find them. Will check back in a few

Any luck with this integration yet? I’m very interested to see if someone can get it working.

Not as of yet. Working as a secondary controller, but not a generic button controller. My GE Links are reporting their status immediately, so device state isn’t getting out of sync as I had worried. Still, not useful for anything other than Zigbee lights at the moment :-/

All of my lights are connected through the Hue bridge.

Was in Home Depot tonight and the LED lighting isle is looking pretty exciting for Canadians. They are carrying the chandelier Cree TW series bulbs now, FEIT LED Bulbs, this remote among many other things. They seemed to have cleared out all of the Cree standard bulbs so I think Canada is about to get the TW series as well!

I am really hoping someone figures out how to integrate this remote into ST soon! It is exactly what I need and at $30 its a great deal!

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Which Home Depot did you visit? Do they actually carry this remote?

I was at the Home Depot in Westmount. They had a few of them still in stock tonight, right on the LED aisle when you walk in the store.

I suppose that was not HD Westmount in Edmonton?.. I will check tomorrow anyway.

It was the Home Depot in Westmount Center in Edmonton. Like I said they have about 3 left, I can’t imagine they would be THAT popular.

I don’t know if this will work with Hues that are attached to the Hue Bridge. Getting it to work alongside ST required pairing it to the hub first. You’d need to be able to pair the remote to the Hue Bridge first and that’s something that I don’t know is possible.

We should go for lunch some time…

These are now available for purchase online and should show up in all stores tomorrow (Home Depot only from what I can tell)… any news about getting it integrated into ST?

I was at Depot yesterday, and they gave me a free Wink hub. As of now it still requires the beta software (which I don’t have) to connect this Lutron remote, so I still can’t use it. Hoping to see I become more than just a remote dimmer.

How’d you end up getting a free hub? I was planning on using the coupon to get it for $30 off but I’d take it for free instead :smile:

Unfortunately it wasn’t a deal they were running but a store problem. None of the hubs had working UPC codes - only the SN stickers on the side. The cashier couldn’t figure out how to process it, so she took $20 off the Zwave dimmer I bought for the promo coupon and told me they wouldn’t charge for the hub since it wasn’t scanning in the system. Just luck of the draw.

Anyone able to pick one of these up to start looking at it? This would be a huge addition to ST if someone could get it working.

Read the thread. People have been working on it. So far it can join with ZLL bulbs and turn them on and off, but there’s no coordination with smartthings, so you don’t get big switch functionality, and the tiles in the mobile app get out of sync.

I have been actively following this thread and there has not been any definitive answer. It’s been reported that the remote can connect directly to the bulb and it will report it’s state just fine but the effort to get it connected directly to the hub seems not to have been fully explored. Initially, according to @mitchp connecting it to the hub hadn’t shown any results because it wasn’t getting any commands from the remote but he had hoped to try and use a rooted wink hub to sniff out how it was communicating. I was simply wondering if someone else had taken that line of inquiry to it’s conclusion to see if it could work or not.

Excuse me if I phrase things incorrectly or say some things that don’t make sense in relation to the Smartthings platform, I still haven’t even gotten my first Smartthings hub and am trying to plan my switch-over from Staples Connect so that I don’t have to replace half of my setup.