Hue Bulbs: Change Color For Set Period Of Time?

Is there any way to have Hue bulbs change to a certain color based upon a trigger, say an RSS feed update, then change back to another color 24 hours later? I figure IFTTT should be able to trigger the first change, but not sure how to go back…

if I understand what you want here, on IFTTT just use the Date and Time trigger, and then set the HUE bulb to your desired color.

Not sure how the Date & Time would work, I don’t have the bulbs yet, so I’m just thinking out loud here. It’s hard to see all the functionality without actually have the devices. One of the drawbacks to browsing for recipes at IFTTT in my opinion.

What I’d like to accomplish is this: when a particular website gets updated ( change the color of the bulb for the next 24 hours, then change it back to white.

I’m not even sure this is possible yet as I can’t find a specific feed for that site, but I have a support request in for an RSS link.

You can change the color at a certain time using the Hue Mood Lighting SmartApp.


You can trigger the SmartThings Hue Mood Lighting SmartApp with a system mode change… or:

Contact opening/closing
Switch being turned on/off
Smoke detected
Flood sensor
Button press (Like Jawbone)
At a certain time

I’d think the interesting one to look into would be automating based on a mode, but there are tons of options there.

I have philips hue, and am thinking of getting Smart Things. I DO have a php script that I use that is called from my smart phone to make the lights blink different colors based on different notifications. It does this by calling a local webserver via url commands that then forwards commands to the phillips hue hub to control specific lights to do different things. So to have the lights change color based on a webpage, I also have my phone periodically check a site to look for keywords and if it finds them, it creates a notification, when then it also calls the php script to blink the lights yet another color. This is done via tasker on my andriod phone. The php script was modified from someone else’s work. But I guess I could post it if someone wants it.

So I guess my own question would be, can both the phillips hub and the smart things hub exist at the same site or would they interfere with each other? Could they both control the hue lights if they could stay in the same area? Thanks in advance!


They can exist at the same time, I think that is the only way to get the HUE Bulbs to work, as ST currently doesn’t directly support the bulbs, although that might be coming.