Hue Bridge power cut (blaring lights after power outage)

Hoping I can get some dialog on this question. I have read a few other topics on the forum and nothing really seems to be what I would like to do.

I would like to have my hue hub automatically turn all of the lights back to their previous setting when the hub receives it’s power back after a power outage.

A highly used method I have read about is the “canary bulb”, however, I don’t have a “unused” smart bulb in any location in the house and don’t like this solution as it seems “hacky”

Essentially, upon the hubs startup (which I understand may take up to 1 minute). I would like the hue hub to turn all of the hue lights back to their previous/ off position-- since to my understanding, they will default to soft white and “on” after the power is restored.

I would rather have a solution that runs only on the hue hub, but would also be ok with a solution that is smartthings based (except for the canary approach)

Unfortunately, there is no other way for ST or Hue to detect when there is a power outage to the bulb so that’s one of the solution. There is one other solution but it’s not cost effective. You can have a GE Zigbee smart switch watching the bulb energy reading and have a webcore rule monitoring it. Such as if bulb status is off and energy reading is greater than x. Then turn bulb off.
An Aeon smart energy monitor meter should be able to do the same. Just not an easy solution.