Hub went offline and turned every light in the house on

This morning at 4:50 am my hub went offline. It seems that it was due to an internet outage. The strange part is that every single light in my house turned on when the hub went offline. Even the ones in my bedroom. You could imagine my confusion being fast asleep and then woken up by bright lights. This behavior has never happened before. Usually when my hub goes offline all the devices stay in their current state. Has this happened to anybody else before? And if so, did you figure out why?

What brand of lights?

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It’s a mix of Cree bulbs, Sengled bulbs, and led strips plugged into switches. Since all of these different branded devices turned on I have to assume that the bug was related to the hub or software.

Is it possible you had a power outage?
Many smart lights default to on and full brightness after losing power.


Yes, it sounds very much like the hub went off-line because of a power failure, not just an Internet outage. Then when power was restored, even if it was only out for a second or two, the smart bulbs came on full brightness. That is typical default behavior.

If you have Hue bulbs attached to a Hue bridge, you can set the power outage behavior for each individual bulb, but most other brands do not offer this feature. :disappointed_relieved:

As an alternative, some community members use a “canary bulb” and when it is restored to power, they have an automation that turns off all of the other lights they want turned off.

That’s more work than most people want to do, but it is useful for some households. Or if you’re going on vacation.

Yes! This was definitely it, I didn’t realize the power had gone out too for a short time. Bulbs getting power after being off will default to full brightness. Thanks for the tip for the handler.

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