Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

I’d like to test this if possible, and would be keen to have Virtual Thermostat in ST if that is a possible addition?
I’m currently using the Tado integration with ST, which will be going away soon. So I’ll be moving Tado to Hubitat. This sounds like it could be a great solution to have control of Tado within ST.


@csstup please advise on how I can participate in the testing.

Hi @csstup ,
I am interested in the beta testing as well.

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@Hendo25, @Mariano_Colmenarejo has created a nice virtual thermostat solution for both Zigbee and Z-wave temperature sensors.

Hi @BartschLabs - yes, thank you for that. I’m aware of that driver.
But from the original post in this thread, I don’t think this Hubitat → ST driver supports thermostat syncing yet. This is what I am suggesting/requesting.
So a Thermostat in Hubitat could be controlled by a Virtual Thermostat in ST.

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I’m not too far from sending this out for beta testing. I still have some error handling to finish but otherwise it’s looking pretty good.

Actually it will. I added thermostat mirroring. It will need a lot of testing as I just went off mirroring a virtual hubitat thermostat device, as I don’t have any thermostats to test with on hubitat.

But should be soon! I’ll reach out via pm for those interested in testing.


Hi - I’d be very interested in testing this as well. Could you put together a short tutorial on how to do this along with more info on where I can find the edge driver?

As above. Interested in testing.
Basic (because I have not tinkered with ST in years) instructions would be helpful.

I would also like to participate. I have a simple implementation with SmartThings setting a virtual switch on/off and HE taking action upon the change.

I’d be really interested in testing this please.

Sent out invites to the first round of Alpha testers. Will send to the rest of the interested folks in a few days.


I want to participate in this fantastic project as a beta tester. I am using HE+ST Hub in 2 places.

How can i participate this project?

I too would like to participate in the Beta work you are doing - I have most of my stuff on HE now but a few things on ST

I would also be interested in Beta testing!

I would be interested in Beta testing.

Still looking for testers!

So far I think testing is going pretty well. Hopefully the project can fill a need and open up an option for people running both ST and HE, or perhaps a migration path.

I’m personally planning on using it to provide a better mobile dashboard experience for a higher WAF than the built in options HE provides.


Exactly! :+1:


How do i sign up?

I’m interested in testing this.