Post Requests for LAN/WIFI Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Edge on a hub is sandboxed to only allow network connections to devices on the local LAN. It can’t talk to an API on the internet (aka the cloud). You’d need an intermediary device/machine to do the communication to the ambientweather API and then get that data back into an Edge driver using various methods. You could do it via proxy, or some other protocol (http, mqtt, etc).

Or you could write a new SmartApp to do something similar, hosted on a local machine or cloud based engine (aws, some other cloud resource capable of running the SmartApp in the language/environment you chose to use).

My personal solution would be to run the AW stuff on Hubitat and use one of the replication tools
HubiThings Replica or Mira to reflect weather data back into ST. But I run both environments…