Hub v3 migration issues

For the past week, and more, I have been slowly working through migration issues. You come to notice how much you rely on home automation when it suddenly all stops working…

At this stage I have added most of my devices back and have powered down v2. The more devices I added the more issues started popping up. Here are a few:

  1. Scenes were finally working beautifully… with v2 they would never complete and setting a LIFX table lamp to a color and 8% as a night light for my kids would take 2 or 3 or even 4 button presses each getting you closer but not actually there (incorrect color or dim level reduced but not down to 8%)… after the migration it was refreshing that it would execute fully with one button press. The honeymoon is over and I can no longer edit or create new scenes as I just get the “Something went wrong” error… DUH! I deleted all my scenes from the IDE but I still can’t create replacements. Wow… that did not last long. I think it may have been caused by removing devices without removing them from scenes first or some botched device I added which is causing issues… but these are just guesses.

  2. Network repairs do not seem to run. When running them I always watch the Event List but they stopped producing the usual logs and they never seem to end… How can I troubleshoot what is causing the network repair to fail without any errors?

  3. I get a zillion “access denied” errors when making changes in the new shard of the IDE. On the old shard I can edit as I please, on the new one it keeps giving me 403 errors. Related to this, in the app (classic), save buttons vanish until I go one level deeper and go back, or in some cases I have to back out as I simply can’t save. In other cases I can press the save button but it complains saying it is a denied action… when I finally give up I find that not only did it save, but it also created duplicates (scenes is a good example where it did that)

  4. Adding devices was fast and trouble free at first. I am guessing that once I got over 100 devices or more, not sure when it started, the discovery became very slow and troublesome. Either the device became associated but never listed amongst my devices thus requiring to be excluded again, or it would get added without any notification. Adding the Schlage locks was a massive PITA, along with other devices that kept complaining that the security key exchange failed. No idea why… even with the hub right next to the door lock the issue was the same.

  5. I just clicked on each device, one by one, to see the raw description. I found a number of battery operated sensors from Aeon Labs that had certain parts of the raw description set to all zeros. This is typically a sign that the inclusion did not work properly.

Any thoughts on how to address any of the issues above? I have written to support but they take a long time to reply and by the time they do I have moved on so they won’t be able to test the issues described as I have already made changes… or they will simply tell me I should not be running network repairs. :wink: OMG!

Anyway… even with how frustrating ST can be at times, I am still enjoying it :wink:

Wouldn’t you be on the same shard? Unless your v2 was still on a ST account and you created a new Samsung account for the v3?

My v2 is on the shard while my v3 is on the shard.

A few days before I received v3, I got the migration prompt and I had no issues migrating to my Samsung account (same email as the original ST account). I then got the v3 hub and the discovery process created a new location with the new hub. Both hubs are accessible via my Samsung account.

Interesting! One thing you might want to try if you have’t already, is to login with a incognito/private tab in your browser and see if that resolves that issue.

For the hub, i’d Suggest contacting ST support and let them troubleshoot.

Thanks for reminding me about incognito. I’ll give it a try as soon as I run into one of those pesky “access denied” errors. I wrote to ST Support twice but have not heard back yet. I have most of my house back up and running but I get a terrible nagging feeling when I know parts are down so I can’t help myself but to keep trying things to fix it…

Good luck! Let us know if you get everything resolved.

It appears that the Incognito trick worked at least on one of the access denied / 403 errors but I can’t be sure as sometimes trying more than once will work as well.

As for the network repair, I was able to run one last night after removing some devices that I typically suspect as being the troublemakers. The Aeon HEM G5, and the Iris outlets (the Zwave repeater was included even though it is not needed). I am not sure the two were related though… and after that single network repair it has gone back to not running.

One thing I have noticed with both v2 and v3 is that the hub seems to get stuck during intensive installation work (includes/excludes/network repairs/etc) and that reboots seems to bring it back to life for a little while. As an example, if I am having trouble discovering a device, after the hub reboots it is much faster. I am convinced there is a significant bug in v2 and v3 hub firmware that only seems to show up when you have a large number of devices. I wonder if ST actually tests the hub with large number of devices (that would take a lot of time to do… > a week for me) or maybe we are the test guinea pigs :wink: