Hub V2 battery and blue light issues

When I installed my hub about two weeks ago I got into a state where my hub disconnected from the server. I had some difficulty getting it back up and running, and eventually had to remove the batteries from the hub to get the green light, but I chalked the whole thing up to the install process and forgot about it.

Today my hub went inactive unexpectedly with steady blue lights. I kept the hub on and rebooted every other network component and went as far as plugging the hub directly into my cable modem but it stayed inactive.

After those failed I rebooted the hub by unplugging it and then removing the batteries. After a couple minutes, I reinserted the batteries and plugged the hub back in- still inactive.

To my surprise, the thing that did work was to keep the hub plugged into power while removing the batteries. As soon as the first battery was removed the hub went to green, like my day 1 install.

I’m waiting for support to get back to me, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I recommend subscribing to that site if you’re a ST user.

Thanks…when mine went offline I checked the website but the issue hadn’t been reported yet and I didn’t go back when I was resolving the issue. I’ve subscribed now so hopefully I won’t get caught up like this again.

If you haven’t tried again, remove the batteries and unplug it and plug it back in. Should work now, if not let support know.